Thursday, April 7, 2011

VaultWare Delivers Results for Wesley Apartments/Euramex Management

Jamin Harkness with Wesley Apartments/Euramex Management uses the VaultWare Apartment Reservation System and our Mobile Website solution to drive high-quality reservations for specific apartments to his leasing team. Jamin recently shared with us the outstanding results he is getting from VaultWare:

VaultWare Delivers Results!
We have 16 communities / 6300 units and growing, and are closing 60% of our VaultWare powered leads! Last month alone we averaged 32.9 reservations per property, and 32.5% of them prequalified online – without even visiting our property.
We’re also seeing a large increase in traffic to our VaultWare Mobile Websites, and last month had 34 VaultWare requests to hold specific apartment units come from smartphone users.
VaultWare delivers qualified leads directly to my Leasing Team– and you can be sure I’m keeping my team accountable by keeping an eye on their response time to these leads, courtesy of VaultWare’s lead tracking reports.
Ten years back, we began using (and still use today) call tracking systems to quantify our ad leads and from which source they originate. Today, as we see calls decline and internet activity flourish, we needed a way to quantify true leads. The tracking system that VaultWare provides allows me to quantify the efficacy of my online advertising via Reservations.  We even push these Reservations into our management software and count them as Guest Cards.  I believe a Reservation from VaultWare is better than a phone call and a pre-screened Reservation is equal if not better than a walk-in prospect. This fantastic solution (or button provided by VaultWare) for “Reserving” an apartment gives me the ability to quantify our ILS’s and our own SEM success.
Jamin Harkness
Vice President, Wesley Apartments/Euramex Management

Congratulations Jamin and Wesley Apartments on your amazing results and thank you for letting VaultWare be a part of your success.

Want results like these? Contact us today for a demo. And, if you’re already using VaultWare to power your online marketing success, be sure to check out the VaultWare Market Index to benchmark your own VaultWare results.

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  1. Wow this is previous property used this product and we basically got the same results. This is a must have for a companies.