Friday, September 9, 2011

VaultWare Market Comps to Include Nearly 40,000 Apartment Communities with Addition of Data

For Rent Media Solutions becomes data provider to apartment industry’s premier weekly rental rate reporting and trending tool.

Scottsdale, AZ,  September 9, 2011 -- VaultWare and For Rent Media Solutions, a leading industry provider of apartment searches nationwide and operator of, today announced an agreement to integrate rental rate data from property listings into the VaultWare Market Comps tool. The inclusion of data with the existing data providers and VaultWare increases the comprehensiveness of the multifamily industry’s source for up-to-date apartment rent and trending data by more than 35%. The combined data sources enable competitive rents to be available weekly for nearly 40,000 apartment communities.

VaultWare Market Comps is a convenient research tool for property managers that eliminates the time-consuming practice of calling around for competitor’s current rental rates and assists with revenue management efforts by validating pricing against a customized competitive market, more immediate identification of market trends and variations to competitors and improved timeliness and accuracy of competitive data. Premium features are also available to provide more detailed reporting options, historical data and alert capabilities.

Property managers can receive value-added benefits, such as free levels of access or complimentary reports, just for being an active customer of VaultWare, and/or

"A majority of the apartment industry prices rental rates manually so this tool gives managers a great way of benchmarking their rents against their peer group automatically," said Mike Mueller, CEO of VaultWare. "With rents rising in almost every market, quarterly or even monthly surveys can’t keep up in a changing environment.”

Terry Slattery, President of For Rent Media Solutions commented, "By contributing our data weekly we enable our advertising customers to maximize their gross rental income potential over the course of the year because they can move faster than their competitors. As revenue management tools become more commonplace in our industry we’re excited to help pioneer this service for all of our owners and managers.

For more information about VaultWare Market Comps, contact VaultWare at or (480) 905-3670 option 2.

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